• Here I am, working while my hubby is at home enjoying his extended holiday (it's Carnival around here). He will be back at work only on Thursday. At least I will have a day off tomorrow \o/. We're planning on making some barbecue to the lunch ^^.

• Oh, finally we caught up with Lost yesterday (we were 3 episodes behind). They managed to explain some things, but they also put a lot of more doubts in my head, like usually they do, hehe. I still have to catch up with SPN, Heroes and Bones.

• About comics, I read the AtS 17 issue. Oh, loved all the spangel bits... a lot *g*. Also read the BtVS 22 one. The writers made me sympathize with Kennedy. I didn't find her so annoying in the comics.

• Still can't make graphics because my computer has no monitor at the moment. Actually the monitor is on my hubby's computer. His monitor has been weird lately (changing colors to shades of pink and blinking).

• Regarding the Oscar... Yay for Kate Winslet!!! I so wanted her to win!!! And loved that Heath Ledger won as well. That was really heartbreaking.

Hope you all are okay ;-).

*hugs flist*


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