Yesterday hubby and I celebrated our FIRST WEDDING ANIVERSARY!!! Oh my, it feels like it was just yesterday I walked into the church to marry him.

He gave me a wonderful bouquet of red roses and we went to a restaurant to have lunch. The day just didn't go better because he wasn't very well. He got a flu and had to take some medicines to feel at least a little fine.

He promised me he will feel better next wedding anniversary *g*.

Oh, and because I wasn't online yesterday I have to say this now:


We rock!!! ;-)

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Wow, time flies! Happy (belated) ANNIVERSARY! I hope your husband feels better soon!

From: [identity profile]

Oh yeah, it really doesn't feel like it's been a year already.

He usually feels like crap a couple of days and then he gets better. I'm taking care of him ;-).


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omg already 1 year of anniversary ! times goes fast

Congrats darling ♥

From: [identity profile]

Yeah, it's hard to believe it's been a year already. Thanks a lot, hun!!!
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Happy Anniversary!! It's amazing that a year has gone by this quickly. I hope you have many more wonderful anniversaries together!

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Thank you!!! I'm planning on having lots of wedding anniversaries *g*.

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From: [personal profile] cordykitten

Wow, it's a year already? It seems like yesterday.
*hugs* Happy anniversary :)

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Can you believe it? The year passed in a blink of eyes. Even with hubby being sick, we had a great anniversary.


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Happy anniversary sweetie!!!
Other 1000 of this day for you and your hubby!

From: [identity profile]

Thanks, sweetie!!! I hope we will celebrate lots of anniversaries together ;-).


From: [identity profile]

Que rápido!
Parabens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muita felicidade sempre!

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Pois é, Sissi!!! Quando me dei conta já era níver de 1 ano de casório. O tempo voa mesmo.

Brigada pelos parabéns. Muita felicidade pra ti também, querida!!!


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It's been a year already? Wow, that doesn't seem possible! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope you have many, many more happy years to come!

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Yeah, I find hard to believe myself. We are so happy together, everything is perfect!

Thanks for your comment, hun. Hopefully we'll have lots and lots of wedding anniversaries :-).


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