It's so beautiful and the image is perfect in it!!! It's a Samsung T190 and I'm in love with it *g*. It was about time to retire my old CRT *pets it*.

Hubby installed it in his computer at first because we need to make an upgrade on mine so it will be able to enjoy the full potential of the new monitor. You know, change motherboard, CPU, memories and video card. I guess it's going to be kinda expensive.

Well, this week isn't entirely perfect because I got hubby's flu. Feeling like crap today *sighs*. At least I'll be seeing things prettier in my new shining monitor *g*.

From: [identity profile] kindredspirit75.livejournal.com

Isn't it wonderful how little things in life can make us happy?

Hope you feel better soon.

From: [identity profile] amavel-bel.livejournal.com

Indeed. We can't be constantly happy, but we can find happiness in little things once in a while ;-).

Still sick, but I've been taking some medicines.

From: [identity profile] rua1412.livejournal.com

t's a great screen! the colors are wonderful.. so now you can enjoy your art even better!

From: [identity profile] amavel-bel.livejournal.com

I didn't make any graphics yet, but I can say I'm loving to play games with it *g*. The colors are so vivid!!!

From: [identity profile] amavel-bel.livejournal.com

I'm a little better, but I guess I'll be sick for some days.

Loved the design, it's so elegant!!!



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