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Birthdate:Aug 4
Location:Curitiba, Parana, Brazil
§ A little about me §

My name is Mabel and I love making friends and graphics. Usually I'm a calm and shy girl (so, sometimes, not as talkative as I would like to be), with a lot of dreams, weird manias and sometimes, confused and distraught. I like to participate in fandom and among my favorites shows/movies, I can list: Angel, Buffy, The X-Files, Supernatural, Star Wars, Heroes, Lost.

This journal is mostly open to everyone. I just lock posts that I consider too personal and intimate to share with those I don't know.

§ My layout §

Version: Spike & Angel

Angel (left) and Spike (right) pics:
Buffy Online Gallery

Angel and Spike manip (center):
Elusive Soul (Rune)

Header banner by:
Me ;-)

Background image by:
[personal profile] inxsomniax

Original code by several contributors at:
[profile] component_help

Mood theme by:
[profile] ladywenham

§ Crediting §

To make my graphics, I have been using brushes, textures, gradients, patterns and screencaps from several talented people. I downloaded tons of sets, but didn't used all of them. So, using them or not, I'm crediting here anyway.

Brushes, patterns, gradients, textures:

From LiveJournal:
[profile] __kali__, [personal profile] wannablessedbe, [profile] boogieland, [profile] _joni, [profile] _sithcons, [community profile] 100x100_brushes, [profile] 77words, [profile] alaskanicons, [personal profile] alpheratz, [profile] anesthezea, [profile] any_otherday, [personal profile] ariad, [profile] arisubox, [profile] artlessbaka, [profile] strongestdays, [personal profile] bittersweet, [profile] blimey_icons, [profile] bombayicons, [profile] bonesbaby, [profile] stumphed, [profile] brokenicon, [personal profile] butnotquite, [profile] calixa, [profile] cauldroncake, [profile] cdg_brushes, [profile] coaxme, [profile] colortone, [profile] colourofclouds, [personal profile] crumblingwalls, [profile] crushedviolet, [profile] dactyliotheca, [profile] daughterofsnape, [personal profile] deliciousmelody, [personal profile] disorderedmind, [profile] dj43, [profile] dojie, [profile] dragong, [profile] drave, [profile] eightyfour_, [profile] emoico, [profile] engelixe, [profile] nyuszi, [profile] ewanism, [profile] exicon, [profile] exit47, [personal profile] fadeastride, [personal profile] imthelobster, [profile] faytrial, [profile] filipinoz_rule, [profile] fophead, [profile] gamin1432, [profile] graphical_love, [profile] oh_pants, [profile] icon_extras, [profile] icon_rewind, [profile] icons_with_love, [profile] iiokua, [profile] ilmare, [profile] im_glas, [profile] incarnatus, [profile] inexorablyhere, [personal profile] inxsomniax, [personal profile] inspired, [profile] isabellecs, [personal profile] jess, [profile] jeweledicecream, [profile] myownsatellite, [personal profile] jubilli, [profile] kryssibug, [profile] ladybanteerin, [personal profile] lanitha, [profile] latexandleather, [personal profile] leftofmyheart, [personal profile] leggyslove, [profile] lemonfossil, [profile] lily_sunshine, [profile] liminalstate, [profile] lornyloo, [profile] lovemelikemusic, [profile] lovetheories, [personal profile] luxbella, [personal profile] disasteriffic, [profile] maggieroofus, [profile] magickly, [profile] mapother, [personal profile] medelle, [profile] meleada, [personal profile] mhari, [personal profile] miggy, [profile] notimetoplay, [profile] ohpaintbrush, [profile] orchidicons, [personal profile] oxoniensis, [profile] oxymoronassoc, [community profile] paisley, [profile] pekeana, [profile] pfefferminzchen, [profile] photoholic62, [profile] photoshopextras, [personal profile] pilot, [profile] pixielore, [profile] prettywitchstar, [profile] hecatesknickers, [profile] quebelly, [profile] radiosound, [personal profile] endlessdeep, [profile] roostersgrrl, [profile] rxyangl, [personal profile] saava, [profile] saniagreenleaf, [personal profile] scifiroots, [community profile] september_icons, [profile] shagalote, [personal profile] shoshanna, [personal profile] sinecure, [profile] sissi_blucas, [profile] dark_soul_lost, [profile] spiffydaze, [profile] stickywicket, [profile] strawbrry, [profile] annabolina, [profile] sydian, [profile] tacirupecajaro, [profile] teh_indy, [profile] terra_katta, [personal profile] the_morningstar, [profile] thelovehater, [personal profile] dontlickit, [profile] tragic_icons, [personal profile] trash, [personal profile] asiyakei, [personal profile] whenidance, [profile] wherethewind__, [profile] wiggityweenr, [personal profile] wizzicons, [profile] xxestellaxx, [personal profile] antoinette

From DeviantART:
12elinquish, bazza-, dspartan, eddybiel, herokeeper, idiocyx, j-a-s-h-i-n, keren-r, mark-s, matthewp, metal-cx, neotom130, scully7491, silverninja

From other web sites:
Braggadocio Brushes
Brusheezy free Photoshop brushes
Design Fruit
Evenstar Brushes
Hybrid-Genesis (Inxsomniax Brushes)
Photoshop Brushes
The Fifth Muse Brush Gallery


[profile] btvs_screencaps, [community profile] cap_it
_jem_ Screencaps
Extravanga Caps
Freeze Frame Network
Lost Soul Gallery - Spike
Raining Dreams
Romance on BtVS
Screencap Paradise

[profile] sueworld2003
Bound by Blood
Buffy Only Gallery
Elusive Soul
Love That Dares
The DTD Angel & BtVS Gallery

Stock/Clipart Images:
Animation Factory (Animations, clip-arts and backgrounds)
Eye Wire
Free Foto
Free Images
Foto Search
Getty Images
Image After (Imagens and textures)
Stock Exchange

LJ Codes/CSS/Resources:
[personal profile] absonant, [profile] apricot_13, [profile] cartonage, [profile] component_help, [profile] everything_lj, [profile] howto, [profile] overridehelp, [profile] premade_ljs, [profile] reversescollide, [profile] s2_bloggish, [profile] s2lickable, [profile] s2flexisquares, [profile] s2styles, [profile] s2tranquility2, [profile] s2smoothsailing, [profile] starlingsby100, [community profile] thefulcrum

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