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( Dec. 24th, 2008 09:13 am)

Christmas Glitter Graphics

I wish a great and wonderful Christmas to all of you!!! *hugs flist*

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( Dec. 22nd, 2008 08:35 am)
This has been a very exhausting Christmas. I went to two malls to do Christmas shopping this weekend and it was totally madness. Busy people and lines all over the places. I love buying Christmas presents, but I'm not fond on the craziness of this time of year. And I'm still have presents to buy. Guess I'm gonna have some more madness tonight *sighs*.

All I want know is some quiet time in peace, even if I'm at work now and it's not quite possible. Oh, well...
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( Dec. 1st, 2007 01:29 pm)
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Saturday I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points). In July I farted in an elevator (-6 points). Last Monday I caught a purse-snatcher who stole [ profile] akcos's purse (30 points). In June I gave change to a homeless guy (19 points). Last Sunday [ profile] thekiwiwhoflew and I donated clothes to the needy (11 points).

Overall, I've been nice (380 points). For Christmas I deserve a Lego set!


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Heeeeeee, updating my LJ to share some Christmas moments!!!

I had a very pleasant Christmas night at my aunt's home with my family (well, part of it, cos we have many relatives dispersed all over the country), gifts exchange and a delicious supper. And I took some pics. So, to make this entry more interesting and cos I'm feeling really lazy to write right now, I'm gonna show what happened instead of writing about it.

Pics galore!!! )

It was the most funny Christmas I had in years!!!
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( Dec. 24th, 2006 05:59 pm)

I wish to you all and your family a very special Christmas filled with joy, peace, harmony, hope, good health and love. May God bless everybody.

From all my flist.

Do not falter, little donkey,
There's a star ahead.
It will guide you, little donkey,
To an amavel_bel.

Little Donkey
from the Christmas Song Generator.

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Awwww, so cute *g*.

I'm not much around here these days. All the Christmas shopping and stuff kinda drained me and I have been so lazy to post. Well, there's nothing interesting to tell, but I will tell you anyway, hehe.

- I watched Supernatural 10 days ago (episode Croatoan) and I still didn't find the mood to write about it. I also have lots and lots of comments to answer. Well, it seems procrastination took over me once again, tsc tsc.

- My great friend Bety and her husband, who live in Munich, Germany (she is Brazilian and he is German), are spending vacation here in Brazil since 9th and they came to Curitiba last weekend to see me. We made a train travel to Morretes (near littoral) on Sunday and had a lot of fun :))))). Now they probably are heading for her brother's house in Torres (near Porto Alegre) to spend Christmas with her family.

- My 10 years old niece wrote a letter to Santa Claus and I kinda intercepted it (I needed to do it, I didn't know what she wants!). She asked a ball to play volley (that's easy), but then it comes the hardest part. She is obsessed with that High School Musical movie and she wants one of those albums in which we glue some little collectible pics (in Portuguese we call it "álbum de figurinhas", [ profile] sissi_blucas told me it's called sticker album in English). But I found out that it has not been released here, just in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Well, I hope she's going to like the CD *sighs*, cos I will have to ask to a friend who lives in São Paulo to send it to me and it won't arrive in time for Christmas.

- On Sunday night my bf and I took my niece to see the last performance of the children's choral at the HSBC building. It had been years since the last time I watched it and it was my bf's first time. It was soooo beautiful and moving that I couldn't hold my tears in some moments. My niece got mesmerized with the fireworks at the end of the performance.

- Going to spend the Christmas night at my aunt Nine's house. A lot of relatives are going to reunite there and my sister and I will prepare a dish to celebrate the occasion. My bf will spend the weekend in Cascavel (560 kilometers from here) with his family, but he will be with me at New Year's party *g*.

- My sister is now properly settled in her new home. After a year of a lot of emotional turbulence with the divorce thing, she is starting to put her life in order again. Hopefully, we will all have a better year in 2007.

*Christmas hugs to all*
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( Dec. 23rd, 2005 08:34 am)
Hey [ profile] louisemcgregor!!! I got your Christmas card yesterday!!! Thank you, darling. Love it!!! I put it under my tree already ;-).



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