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( Sep. 3rd, 2008 09:00 am)
Dragonball Z promo pics - James Marsters as Lord Piccolo

Hey, shouldn't he be, you know, green? It seems Dragonball fandom isn't so happy with the movie promos (and not just the Piccole ones) *sighs*.
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( Jan. 9th, 2008 08:40 am)

*fans self*

My heart is pumping like a drum.

Scene of Torchwood - Episode 1 Season 2 (SPOILERS!!!)


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( Dec. 31st, 2007 03:49 pm)
I wasn't around on net for Christmas because I was traveling, so I hope eveyone had an excellent Christmas. I'm at home for the New Year's party and I wish you all have a great one.


May we have a wonderfull 2008 full of happiness, peace and health!!!


And taking advantage of this post, I want to say I watched P.S. I love you this weekend at the movies and I loved it!!! Such a great and heartbreaking movie, people. And, even with a short role, James Marsters was adorable ;-). Let's see him next year in Torchwood, Smallville, Dragon Ball Z and other projects he certainly will have.


In Portuguese:

Pra quem for acompanhar a Corrida de São Silvestre hoje de tarde, procurem a minha irmã [ profile] byselma que vai correr na ala feminina com o número 4469. Espero poder enxergar ela no meio da multidão :))))). FORÇA MANINHA!!!
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( Nov. 15th, 2007 11:19 pm)
We have an extended holiday going on here and tomorrow I'm going to the beach with [ profile] nighttechno (about 100 kilometers from here).

You know, we need some rest from all the wedding craziness. The bad thing is that the weather is not helping... is too cold. So I hope to find some heat there. We'll be back on Sunday night.

In the other news, I've read about James' new role and I am both excited and apprehensive about this. I know Dragon Ball Z will be a movie with a big budget, but it can turn into a great failure if they don't do it right. So... I wish good luck to James. I really hope he can get a good exposure with this movie and get great roles after that.

Have a nice weekend flist!!!
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( Aug. 20th, 2007 12:16 pm)
Today we celebrate James Marsters birthday!!! Because of him I met a lot of amazing people on internet and made some great friends. God bless him for his talent, charisma, tenderness and joy.

Congrats James!!! I wish you have a wonderful day!!!

I guess everybody know about this by now...



James has been cast in a recurring/guest star role on the hit CBS one hour drama Without A Trace. He will portray ‘Detective Mars’, who is described as: mid 30s to 40. Attractive in a real way, a bright, full-of-life personality, charming, possibly from around the Washington DC area, so could have a slight southern accent. Mars is a Police Detective who has started to investigate what seems to be a ring of Human Trafficking. He has information our FBI team is interested in and comes to New York to speak to Vivian about what he knows. Eventually he will become part of a task force to deal with Human Trafficking. GUEST STAR, RECURRING ROLE.

The role films in both New York and Los Angeles. Once we have air dates, we will post them.


Yay James!!!

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( Jun. 19th, 2007 09:38 pm)
I'm posting quickly to say thanks so much to everybody who commented on my last post and congratulated me for my engagement. You are all so sweet *kisses all of you*. Going try to thank everyone of you personally as soon as possible ;-).

And I read about James going to make a guest appearance in the TV show Torchwood. Yay, go James!!! I know nothing about this show, I just found out it's a Dr Who spin-off. I hope to be able to watch the episode with James when it airs.

And I am still with that damn flu, do you believe it? Can't stand it anymore :(((((.

Thanks to [ profile] sueworld2003, who posted the link at her LJ, I could see some pics of JM at Collectormania 2007 James attended last weekend.

Wanna see the pics? CLICK HERE. Also, there are some pics of Charisma Carpenter, Anthony Stewart Head, George Hertzberg (Adam) and Mark Lutz (Groo).

And I am freezing here!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
This morning I was reading my flist and I saw an entry at [ profile] elisi's LJ about some questions JM answered at the Q & A during the Sci-Fi Grand Slam that made me giggle like an insane slasher woman. And of course I have the urge to spread to all of you, hehe...



The next question wanted to find out the most ridiculous thing James had been asked to do in character in any show, and why. James got embarrassed for a moment…

James Marsters: "That is a tall order, that one… Intimate that I'd slept with Angel was kinda harsh…" (Cheers and hollering) "That's not what I thought those two - I knew that my character was infatuated with Angel, but to take it to that level, I just… I don't know. In "Angel," I was supposed to wear a dress! I'm getting fit for that, I'm walking through the set and I'm told, 'There's no time for that." But it's just a dress! What actor hasn't worn a dress? (Laughs) I had to lick Sarah Michelle Gellar, which I don't know why, but I just couldn't do it. I just couldn't… I still couldn't do it in my mind! It took me-she was like, "What, you can rape me but you can't lick me?!" I'm like, "That doesn't help, Sarah. That doesn't help."


Oh Jimmy boy, how can you do this to me? You go and tell Spike was infatuated with Angel!!! Now I'm going to have a big dumb smile on my face for days, guhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

To read a complete report about the Sci-Fi Grand Slam, go to the link below:

Sci-Fi Grand Slam by Maria G

*is dead*
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( Apr. 12th, 2007 08:32 pm)
Hey people, let's go to help James Marsters to win the TiFaux poll. He is losing right now against Wentworth Miller (the guy from Prison Break) :-(. You have until tomorrow midnight to vote.

This vid has been spreading all over my flist faster than wildfire, but I had to wait until getting home to watch it and I have to say I. AM. ABSOLUTELY. IN. AWE. God, he is so amazing, I just can't get enough of him. Please, check this vid out...

JM singing Poor Robin probably on the PS I LOVE YOU set

ETA: You can download the vid thanks to [ profile] ghostgirl13 HERE.
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( Jan. 25th, 2007 09:05 pm)
Oh, check this out:

Supernatural producer loves Buffy and wants James Marsters to guest

James Marsters on Supernatural? That would be heaven!!! Awwwwww, the pretties... *dreams*
OMG, a lot of people in my flist have been posting about James Marsters getting a role in a movie with great Hollywood actors!!!

Finally we will see James getting the recognition he deserves. I am so happy for him that I can't stop grinning :)))))))))))))))))))))). We're going to see James in the big screen next year, YAY!!!



JAMES MARSTERS has been set as a co-lead in the feature film “P.S. I Love You” for Alcon Entertainment. The film stars Hillary Swank, Kathy Bates, Gerald Butler, Lisa Kudrow and Gina Gershon.  James will portray the role of ‘John’, the best friend and partner of Gerard Butler’s character.

The film is based on the novel by Cecilia Ahern and will be directed by Richard LaGravenese. The picture centers on a widow whose life is rejuvenated when letters left by her husband send her on a series of adventures. Production will begin mid-October. The film will be distributed by Warner Bros.


Source: James Marsters Offical Web Site.

GO JAMES!!! *bounces crazily*
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( Sep. 14th, 2006 10:46 am)
Gahhhh, can he be cuter or what?

Cute James pic 1 (awwwwwwwwwwwwwww)
Cute James pic 2 (love the pouting and the hands!!!)

More pics at [ profile] copykween's LJ in THIS POST.

I'm such a fangirl *bounces*.
OMG, I'm in awe with so many amazing photos I've been seeing of James Marsters at the Queen Mary event. James looks gorgeous with the dark hair and, by the reports I've been reading, it seems everybody had a great time.

Well, to save your time, I'm posting some links to those who would like to see some pics and reports ;-). Enjoy them!!!

- Report by nyghtpet
- Report and pics by beanbeans
- Report and pics by spikesfool
- Report by vamptastica
- Report by so-sharlemaine
- Pics by Raven U
- Pics by ukchrisp
- Icons by noaluvjames
- Wallpaper by edgehead220373

PS.: And [ profile] vampstatica asked a slash question to James!!! How cool is that? *bounces*
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( Apr. 5th, 2006 02:34 pm)
Oh, finally we have pics of James and his girlfriend. They seem a happy couple :-).

James and Patricia here
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( Mar. 30th, 2006 01:47 pm)
Brainiac or Harry? Charlemagne Bolivar or Eric? Ted or Bobby Comfort? Let's go to vote in your favorite JM characters. Click in the link to participate.

Celebrity Smackdown Cage War Matches - Round I! by [ profile] bendy1.
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( Mar. 23rd, 2006 10:52 pm)
Gahhhhhhhhh, vote for James Marsters for the Spacey Awards. He's been nominated for Smallville. I mean RIGHT NOW!!!

Click here to go to the voting page

What? You're still here? Come on, let's give some support to James!!!

*pokes you*

PS: I know maybe I should vote for Serenity for best movie, but but but, I am a Star Wars fanatic!!! And I didn't watch Serenity (it didn't come to Brasil). So, yeah, I went for Star Wars ;-).
Yay, Kryptonsite has new promos from Smallville with James Marsters!!! The episode is Hypnotic. Take a look at the pics:

James on Smallville - Pic 1
James on Smallville - Pic 2
James on Smallville - Pic 3
James on Smallville - Pic 4
James on Smallville - Pic 5
James on Smallville - Pic 6

I would like to know where I can find Fine/Lex slash fanfics *bat eyelashes*.
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( Feb. 15th, 2006 09:19 pm)
OMG, my heart is racing!!! Really really fast!!!

JM on Smallville - Pic 1

JM on Smallville - Pic 2

JM on Smallville - Pic 3

And, gahhhhhhhhhhhhh, PINK SHIRT!!! I just can't get enough of him!!!


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