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( Aug. 12th, 2006 12:47 am)
Woa, finally the last part of my "fixing old layouts" job. Now these layouts are all centralized to resolutions higher than 800x600. If you're using one of these ones, take the code again to have it centralized. Links to the former entries below.

Doyle - True heroes never die

Fred - Lovely genius

Gunn - So good in a suit

Angel - Are you looking for a tall, dark and handsome vamp?

Spike - Guess I heard a pretty kitten

Nature - Sunflowers

Nature - Wild Strawberries

If you're using the Wild Strawberries layout and you want it centralized, you will have to download and host both the header banner and background image again. I had to change them a little bit.

All my fixed layouts are HERE.

Now I can focus on making new layouts ;-).
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( Jul. 30th, 2006 04:34 pm)
One more round with my older layouts fixed to be centralized in resolutions higher than 800x600 (they used to be aligned to the left). If you're using one of them, just take the code again and it will be centralized, okay? Links to former posts below.

Tara - Not evil, just a wicca girl

Giles - What about a classic English guy?

Willow/Oz - You are my perfect someone

Buffy/Xander - Did I ever thank you... for saving my life? (Episode "When She Was Bad")

Spike - Wanna a bite, luv?

Darla - Fascinating beauty (Episode "Becoming 1")

More fixed layouts HERE.
This time I centralized three layouts of Star Wars and one featuring Veronica Mars. But pay attention, if you're using the Veronica Mars layout and want the new overrides to put it centralized, you will have to download and host the HEADER BANNER again, because I had to modify it to make it fit in the new code.

Veronica Mars - Detective Girl

Anakin/Padme - Secret love (Star Wars 2 - Attack of the Clones)

Luke Skywalker - Not just a farm boy (Star Wars 4 - A New Hope)

Han Solo/Leia - I'm a nice man (Star Wars 5 - The Empire Strikes Back)

The rest of the now centralized layouts are HERE.
Now that I have more time, I decided to resume my task of centralizing those old layouts I made ages ago *g*. Guess I have more 17 layouts to fix yet ;-). Well, as always, the links below lead to the former entries. If you're using one of these layouts and want the new centralized code, just go to the entries and take the overrides again.

Fred/Wesley - Is that clear enough for you? (Episode "Smile Time")

Buffy/Spike - I close my eyes till you chase my thoughts away (Episode "Tabula Rasa")

Buffy - Just a girl with a destiny and ordinary dreams

AtS - Not Fade Away

More modified layouts HERE.
Again centralizing old layouts. This time I fixed some layouts from my entry at [ profile] spring_spangel last year. At that time, I made 40 Spangel layouts, including 3 layouts with sidebar. The sidebar layouts were aligned to the left in resolutions higher than 800x600 and now I fixed the overrides to make them centralized.

To fix the layouts, I had to modify some images. So, if you are using one of the layouts below and want the modified code, you will have to download and host the header and background images again. I never made a post for these layouts, so the links are to the layouts at my web site. I'm providing some previews as well.

Spike/Angel - Our Destiny (Episódio "Destiny") (preview at [ profile] bel_btvsats025)

Spike/Angel - Just hold my hand (Episode "A Hole in the World") (preview at [ profile] bel_btvsats032)

Spike/Angel - Sweet moments (preview at [ profile] bel_btvsats041)

The list of the layouts I've modified already is HERE.
We have a holiday again today here in Brazil and I'm taking the day to centralize more of my previous layouts. This time I fixed some layouts featuring ships. Links to the former post now with the new codes below.

Buffy/Angel - Let's do some living (Episode "The Prom")

Buffy/Spike - Wanna marry you (Episode "Something Blue")

Angel/Cordelia - If we'd met up that night... (Episode "You're Welcome")

Spike/Angel - Soulmates never die

The rest of the modified layouts HERE.
I've been spending the day between my bed and my computer. Got a damn flu, grrrr. Well, at least I managed to modify more 2 layouts today to make them centralized to resolutions higher than 800x600. Again, posting links to the former posts.

Anaking - Feel the power of the dark side (Star Wars - "Revenge of the Sith")

Spike/Angel - Intimate (rating R for nudity)

About the Spangel one, if you're using this layout and want the new modified code, you will have to download and host the background image again, because I had to change it a little bit to make it fit to the new code.

Now, going to my bed because my whole body hurts.

All the modified layouts HERE.
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( Apr. 8th, 2006 05:47 pm)
As requested, I have more two of my older shareable layouts centralized now for higher resolutions than 800x600. I've changed the codes this afternoon and they seem working well. Any trouble with them, let me know. I'm putting links to the former posts.

Mulder/Scully - You've made me a whole person (X-Files: Movie "Fight to the Future")

James Marsters - You make me want to be bad

To see all the layouts I've been changing to make them centralized, CLICK HERE.
I've decided to centralize some of my old shareable layouts. After all, I learned the technique a little time ago and considering that I found out a lot of people use 1024x768 resolution, guess it would be nice if my side bar layouts (the ones with the "aligned to the left" problem) could be centralized like the most recent ones. Don't know if I will doing this with all my side bar layouts, but at least I will do with the most popular ones.

If you're using one of my older layouts (or you're fond of one of them) and you would like it to be centralized, just let me know and I will give it some priority ;-).

I'm not going to post everything again, just a link to the former post with the modified code. Just copy, make the necessary replacements (just read the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS section) and paste the new code and you will get a new shining centralized layout *g*.

Well, the first one I've just modified is the layout Michelle Trachtenberg - Look who's all grown up. Hope it's alright now.


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