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( Jan. 27th, 2009 02:30 pm)
Kinda lazy lately, even to write here *is ashamed*. I will use some bullets *g*.

• Last week I made a small surgery, a cauterization in fact, to get rid of some wars (fingers and face). I'm recovering well. Last year it was worse (had big holes in my fingers for weeks). This time no holes at all.

• Going back to English classes next month. Me, hubby, sister and niece. It's gonna be amazing :)))))).

• All my personal web sites vanished from T35 (Pedra Sobre Pedra, Renata Sorrah, Roxette, my portal), even the one with all my layouts (well, kinda saw that coming). Don't know yet if I'm going to host them again (such a hard work). So, to find all my layouts, just search through my memories or take a look at the comm [ profile] layouts_for_fun.

• Reccing a great fic I just started reading. Go check On The Right Path by [ profile] sawsha12. It's really good ;-).

• Yesterday I watched Supernatural (episode Criss Angel Is A Douchebag) with hubby and tonight we will watch Lost and Bones. Kinda late, but we're trying to catch up ;-).

• I also have to catch up with AtS comics. Didn't read the last issue yet.

• Read that the brilliant director Kim Manners passed away. He worked in Supernatural and X-Files. May he rest in peace. His work will never be forgotten.

• Just noticed something really weird. I was going to use one of my userpics in this post and I saw that it was replaced by another one that it's not mine!!! Never saw THIS USERPIC before and it's in my userpics list!!! Is LJ messing around with us?
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( May. 24th, 2007 03:42 pm)
OMG, you have to see this!!! I'm laughing so hard that my belly is hurting, hahahahahahaha.

The lost script: Angel's Angels

I'm not getting any work done after reading this. I just can't think straight, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

*dies laughing*
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( May. 18th, 2007 04:33 pm)
I have some recs to do today. Reading and enjoying fics is surely much better than fandom wank. So take a look in these ones and have fun ;-).

- Rescue me by [ profile] ash_carpenter - Everyone needs some rescuing at some point. This fic is poignant, lyric, emotional.

- Angels Lament or Thy "Will" be Done by [ profile] vamptastica - That's such an intense drabble. Wonderful.

- Those sunny days by [ profile] xenodike - This is so poetic and beautiful and hot. Take a look, you will love it.

- Electric Company by [ profile] sunnyd_lite - Adventures of Angel, Spike and company. And a guest star ;-).

- Thicker Than Water (Part 1) by [ profile] kellyhk - This is good, I mean, REALLY GOOD. My heart was aching while realing this. One hint: Spike in Siberia. And it's just the start.

- Shared Skin by [ profile] perverted_pages - Okay, if you need a laugh, read this, 'cos just Spike knows how to make fun of Angel properly, it's hilarious.

- Dance with me - 1-3 parts and Dance with me - 4-6 parts by [ profile] darklingdawns - That's so beautiful. Everything Spike wanted was to dance with Angel.

- Standing the test of time - part 17 by [ profile] erin_starlight - A great chap of one of my favorite fics ever. And let's the seducing plan begin!!!

- Man's best friend - part 2 by [ profile] tkp - Even better than the first part. You know you want to read it ;-). And I can't help writing thesis in the comments, hehe.

- I miss the days when we could talk by [ profile] sexymermaid - Spike being annoying, Angel feeling irritated. Always so much fun!!! Oh, and that flame, that flame *chuckles*.

And don't forget to give feedback to the writers, pretty please.


I'm going to stay out of city tomorrow and on Sunday morning, but I will be back in time to post my layouts for [ profile] spring_spangel, I promise ;-).
I couldn't be online yesterday (net technical problems), so I wishing now a very happy Mother's Day to the mothers on my flist. Hope you had a wonderful one!!! I went with my family to take my mom to have lunch into a restaurant. We had a very pleasant day and I ate too much.

I also found time to watch Lost and Supernatural with my bf. And, woa, lots of craziness going on in the last episodes.

Lost - ep. 3.20 - The Man Behind the Curtain )

Supernatural - ep. 2.21 - All Hell Breaks Loose (1) )

To finish this post, I want to start the week with some pimping. This time I have to rec the fic Man's Best Friend (Angel, Spike, Illyria, Nina and a puppy - post NFA, PG) by [ profile] tkp. You can't possibly imagine how funny is when Angel gets a puppy ;-).
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( May. 10th, 2007 03:51 pm)
*stares at the window*

I'm seeing soap bubbles flying in the wind outside my window. And I'm at the 2nd floor. Weird.

Anyway, I have nothing to do right now, then I decided to make some recs.

- CLICK HERE to read [ profile] sueworld2003's report about her dinner with James Marsters (lucky lucky girl). She has some nifty vids in her LJ as well.

- Fic Volcano by [ profile] shylahmask, part 1 and part 2. A very great reading.

- And if you want to be shocked, SEE THIS. That's what we can call a very offensive action figure of Mary Jane *snorts*.

*off to drink some coffee*
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( May. 8th, 2007 03:41 pm)

It's been a lazy day here... It's raining, it's cold and it's quite calm around here at work. Everything I wanted right now is to take a nap, but I can't do that without drawing attention from my co-workers *g*. The co-worker on my left side just smiled to me when he noticed I can't stop yawning *yawns some more*. It's like I'm possessed...

Anyway, I'm just killing time here on LJ to keep me from drooling over my keyboard. So, I will try to write something about what I've been watching lately... Just brief thoughts...

Lost - ep. 3.19 - The Brig )

Supernatural - ep. 2.20 - What Is and What Should Never Be )

Spiderman 3 )

Plus I have to rec again a fic I've been enjoying to read a lot. It's called Friday by [ profile] girlpire. She posted the second part HERE and it's just getting better and better.

Now let me be with my laziness *yawns*.
I've read some news about AtS Season 6 comics. Joss gave an interview about the subject here. According to Joss, Brian Lynch will assume the control of the comics and it will have 12 issues. Also, there's some debate going on Whedonesque, with the participation of Lynch himself.

Going back to reccing fics, if you're up for a good laugh, you have to read A Standard Day by [ profile] ash_carpenter. It's one of those bizarre plot bunnies that turned into a very delightful reading. My belly nearly hurt with so much laughing.

Plus, I have more 2 recs:

- All the Bells and Whistles by [ profile] clockstopper

- Clamped by [ profile] fanbot

And my mail box is over 100 comments and e-mails. Guess I'm going to take a while to answer everybody...
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( Apr. 26th, 2007 12:02 pm)
I'm so glad to see how much fandom can be productive these days. I hardly spend a day without reading some good Spangel fic, which cheer my days up immensely.

I am not that productive myself with the layouts I have to make to my entry at [ profile] spring_spangel (I'm kinda blah lately). I made one and a half layout until now and I'm afraid I won't be able to make a good amount of layouts until my day (May, 20th). If you have some suggestion to give me about layout making regarding Spangel, I'm open to it. Maybe I can find some inspiration.

Well, let's go with the recs then...

- Skin by [ profile] icemink

- Untitled - Why We Fight missing scene by [ profile] thatotherperv

- Acorns of an Angel by [ profile] darkspace99

- Standing the Test of Time (Spike/Angel, Spike/Dracula) - Part 14 (all parts here) by [ profile] erin_starlight

- Support Network (RPS) by [ profile] lilithbint

- Changes by [ profile] woman_of_

- The Debate by [ profile] woman_of_

- Bath Time with Daddy (Angelus/William) by [ profile] woman_of_

- Sterile by [ profile] woman_of_

- The Reward (Angelus/William) by [ profile] woman_of_

- Power Play by [ profile] ash_carpenter

- The Picture 1/? by [ profile] nme0621

- Who Would You Sleep With? by [ profile] dark_amia

- Who I Slept With (Who Would You Sleep With? sequel) by [ profile] dark_amia

- Missed Signs by [ profile] shinodabear

- Friday, part 1 of 2 by [ profile] girlpire

Plus, if you're up for some great kissage, CHECK THIS ENTRY by [ profile] felisblanco. It will make your lips all swollen, lol!!!

Wow, I could list more, but I think it's enough for now. Read, enjoy these fics, leave feedback to these great writers and keep the fandom alive ;-).
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( Apr. 2nd, 2007 12:58 pm)
Recs of the day. Nothing better than start a week with some good Spangel fic to read ;-)

- Beautiful Dawn by Jenny. It's the third part of her story Dark Domain. Yeah, she's back writing Spangel, yay.

- Splinter, chapter 27 by [ profile] lusciousspike. Angel needs some good spanking in this fic, lol.

- With the Tide, chapter 1/5 by [ profile] salustra. Angel has to deal with a feral Spike returned from Qur-Toth. It's too good for words!!!

And some great ficlets [ profile] spankspike wrote for [ profile] spring_spangel:

- Rescued From Bad Fashion

- Don't Drop The Soap

- Learning is Fun / How To Earn A Viper

- The Real Prize / You Were My Yoda

- Two Scenes From A Plane / Alone Again

- The Deathday Present

Have a good reading ;-).
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( Dec. 5th, 2006 05:01 pm)
You know, I'm just loving all the Spangel I have been reading in my flist lately. God bless the inspired people *g*.

Some recs for you, cos after a very busy morning, finally things have calmed down *looks around suspiciously*

- Just a Phone Call Away by [ profile] fan_spagle, NC-17, hot hot sex phone.

- A Little Advice by [ profile] shinodabear, PG, trust Wes to help the Spangel love *g*.

- Lot’s Wife by [ profile] carlyinrome, PG-13, sometimes everything we need is some comfort.

- Interpersonal Communication by [ profile] dfagiles, PG-13, Fred tries to improve the way Angel and Spike communicate to each other.

- Watcher by [ profile] estepheia, R, Wesley/Angel, Angel/Spike, Wesley/Fred, Wesley and the things he has been thinking about.

- Betrayal and Guilt by [ profile] woman_of_, NC-17, when Angel is lonely, Spike is his comfort.

- Splinter - Part 26b by [ profile] lusciousspike, NC-17, WIP, it's getting harder and harder to put those silly vamps together *slaps Angel*. Previous parts HERE.

- Adjusting - Part 10 by [ profile] piksa, NC-17, WIP, Spike was turned into a pet and sold to a demon. Angel finds out and wants to help him. Previous parts HERE.

- Christmas Miracles by [ profile] spankspike, NC-17, I didn't read it yet (oh, so little time), but I will rec anyway because I bet it's great, like everything Tisa writes *winks*.

*out to read more Spangel*
I'm in the mood to post something today. Going with the list thing, 'cos, you know, I'm used to make lists for anything...

Personal stuff:

- I went to play bowling last night with [ profile] nighttechno and some of his co-workers. It was my first time playing bowling and even so I managed to get a very good scoring (better than my bf *g*). Yay me!!!

- My Sky is back!!! The decoder had to be replaced by a new one.

- Gahhhhhhhh, I saw a spoiler from this week's episode of Lost!!! And I saw it at a very popular portal here in Brazil, highlight news on the entertainment section with a pic. I shouldn't know that yet!!! *is very angry*

- Tonight I'll go to the Black Eyed Peas concert here in Curitiba with [ profile] nighttechno, my niece (she was bouncing like crazy yesterday when I told her), my sister and some friends. No, we don't have tickets, but a friend of my sister has this place (a piece of land) nearby where we can watch the concert (the concert will be in a quarry surrounded by rock walls and the land is on top). Probably it will be very cold at night, but I hope it won't rain at least *crossed fingers*.


It's Friday and I got inspired to make some recs of what I've been reading lately. Spangel recs, of course, 'cos I'm never tired of spreading the vamp slashy love. Let's go then...

- Sleeping with Ghosts by [ profile] viciouswishes - Post-NFA, NC-17, Angel's journey to find his new mission, having Spike by his side. Part 1, Part 2

- Shanshu-ed Reunion by [ profile] woman_of_ - Post-NFA, PG13, Angel and Spike after the Shanshu and what they would be doing with their new lives. One shot

- That Which is Old is New Again by [ profile] c_woodhaven - AtS Season 5, PG, Spike makes a surprise for Angel in an attempt to connect to him. One shot

- What Fits In A Puppet's Hole? by [ profile] spankspike - AtS Season 5, NC-17, Spike trying to help puppet!Angel to deal with his horniness. It's hilarious!!! One shot

- On Top by [ profile] lilithbint - AtS Season 5, NC-17, Angel gets some spanking from Spike . HOT HOT HOT. One shot

- Willing, "On Top" sequel, by [ profile] lilithbint - AtS Season 5, NC-17, Angel scheming to get a second round with Spike. Even hotter *fans self*. One shot

- Sides of the Bed by [ profile] romanyg - AtS Season 5, PG-13, The best of Angel and Spike bickering. One shot

And I have to make a special reccing to [ profile] tubbyk's fics. She has been working on some fics which are amazing and with great plots. Yeah, all WIP, but it's worthwhile to wait for her to bring the next chapters. She has a LJ, but she has been posting at CDS. Here they are...

- Lament - Post-NFA, NC-17, Angel and Spike have to survive in a post-Apocalypse L.A while Spike tries to deal with his new human condition after getting the Shanshu. Chapters at CDS

- Veneration - AtS Season 5, NC-17, a higher power demon invites Angel and Spike to participate in a festivity to celebrate his return to our dimension. But the festivity turns out to be a competition involving Sires and Childes fighting for their unlives. Chapters at CDS

- Courtship - AtS Season 5, NC-17, Angel and Spike finally start bonding when a new someone appears to mess things up between them. Chapters at CDS

To more recs, check out my Memories. I have more than 400 fics added ;-).
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( May. 25th, 2006 02:46 pm)
I have to pimp this fic. It's one of the most beautiful fics I've ever read and the praises go all to [ profile] frimfram. You have to read it, now!!!

On the Rocks by [ profile] frimfram.
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( May. 10th, 2006 11:10 am)
I've just read a wonderful essay. You know when someone describes something in a certain degree that sums up the great part of the reasons you love the said something? Well, that's the case right here and the "something" is SPIKE.

I could identify in this essay in a way I wasn't expecting and I realized I'm not ready yet to let Spike go. Maybe I will never be. Surely I love and loved many characters from different kinds of media, but I'm never felt so obsessed with a character like I am with Spike. He's passionate, he's intriguing, he's compelling and I just can't stop adoring him, reading about him, watching his scenes endlessly, thinking about him. He's such a force of nature *g*.

So, take a look in the essay and love Spike more and more ;-).

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( Mar. 23rd, 2006 02:35 pm)
I'm a bit lazy to comment TV shows I've been watching, so I decided to rec some fics I've liked to read this week.

Vampire Winter 1/? by [ profile] deborahmm. She said it's complete, but she will post it bit by bit. It's post NFA, with Buffy, Angel and Spike and it starts in Rome. Wonderful characterization and Deborah is really great with details ;-).

Follow You Down 1/? by [ profile] spankspike for [ profile] spring_spangel. It's Spike/Angel and the timeline is AtS Season 5 (Hellbound). It's based loosely on Dante's 'Divine Comedy'. Very interesting.

Stolen Moments by [ profile] stir_of_echoes. It's JM/DB RPS and I loved the atmosphere of this fic. After the end of AtS.

Good reading!!!
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( Jan. 9th, 2006 10:25 pm)
I have some good pimping to do today ;-).

Well, [ profile] spring_spangel is back. Choose a day to show your spangel love!!! Sign up HERE.

Ten Thousand Miles by [ profile] spikesfool is finished!!! Gahhhh, I can't believe!!! Thank you babe!!!

The Spangel RPG at [ profile] as_always_ is back from hiatus!!! The vamps are right HERE bickering and, well, having fun *evil grin*.

[ profile] felisblanco posted the final chap of Drowing!!!

And keep posting your favorites of 2005 at [ profile] buffyversetop5!!! A lot of great recs around there!!!

So many things to read, so little time.


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