Well, let's go start a new year all over again.

Came back from 2 weeks of vacation yesterday, but I went to work just in the afternoon (got a hell of a headache in the morning). It's going to be hard to get used to wake up at 6 a.m. again *sighs*. And what's up with the crazy weather? It's Summer here, we shouldn't have 10ºC at the morning.

I have been online very little these last days, so I have a lot to catch up and tons of e-mails to read. My flist hit 995 posts and I couldn't read before that. The last entry I could read was posted on Jan, 2nd. So if there's something important I should read, please let me know okay?

Hopefully we will have a great year ;-).

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Sadly the new year didn't started in a good way for me and my family. One dear friend lost his right eye during the new year day and someone is giving a hard time to my hubby at work... new year old trouble... sigh.

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Oh, sorry for all of this bad stuff happening to you and your hubby. Wish things get better and you can have happier days in this new year.

*hugs you*

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Pois é, Sissi, tá difícil de usar o MSN. No trabalho é bloqueado e quando chego em casa fico atarefada com afazeres domésticos e outras coisinhas e acabo nem entrando também. Mas eu fico no gmail durante o dia (por enquanto tá liberado no trabalho). Nem sempre posso conversar na hora do serviço, mas estou on ;-).

Como vão as coisas? Eu fiquei em casa nas férias, mas recebemos a família do meu marido. Daí já viu né, fiquei mais fora de casa levando o povo pra passear do que sossegada descansando, hehe.

E contigo foi tudo beleza nas festas de fim-de-ano? Descansou ou festou?

Beijos mil


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