Kinda lazy lately, even to write here *is ashamed*. I will use some bullets *g*.

• Last week I made a small surgery, a cauterization in fact, to get rid of some wars (fingers and face). I'm recovering well. Last year it was worse (had big holes in my fingers for weeks). This time no holes at all.

• Going back to English classes next month. Me, hubby, sister and niece. It's gonna be amazing :)))))).

• All my personal web sites vanished from T35 (Pedra Sobre Pedra, Renata Sorrah, Roxette, my portal), even the one with all my layouts (well, kinda saw that coming). Don't know yet if I'm going to host them again (such a hard work). So, to find all my layouts, just search through my memories or take a look at the comm [ profile] layouts_for_fun.

• Reccing a great fic I just started reading. Go check On The Right Path by [ profile] sawsha12. It's really good ;-).

• Yesterday I watched Supernatural (episode Criss Angel Is A Douchebag) with hubby and tonight we will watch Lost and Bones. Kinda late, but we're trying to catch up ;-).

• I also have to catch up with AtS comics. Didn't read the last issue yet.

• Read that the brilliant director Kim Manners passed away. He worked in Supernatural and X-Files. May he rest in peace. His work will never be forgotten.

• Just noticed something really weird. I was going to use one of my userpics in this post and I saw that it was replaced by another one that it's not mine!!! Never saw THIS USERPIC before and it's in my userpics list!!! Is LJ messing around with us?
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From: [personal profile] cordykitten

*nods* LJ is still messing around from time to time. It loves to take my Spike - with kind of a comic sun flower, Japan style. *checks* It's till in the FAQ so they didn't solve it. You're lucky, one on my F-List had one of hers replaced with a bad NC17 one.

LiveJournal developers are aware that some users have been reporting problems with incorrect userpics displaying. If you are having any problems with the userpics displaying incorrectly, please clear your browser's cache. If this does not resolve the problem, please open a support request containing links to all the affected userpics. Please be assured that your userpics have not physically been replaced, nor does it mean that anyone has accessed your account.

From: [identity profile]

Ohhhh, so they really have this problem with userpics. Well, I will clear the cache then. If that userpic shows up anyway, I'll replace it by the original one.

Thanks for letting me know about this issue, hon.


From: [identity profile]

gente mas que userpic é essa?????

sobre o T35... eu tinha um site la enorme de screencaps... eles deletam mesmo... sem nenhum aviso...
se cuida Bel!

From: [identity profile]

Pois é, Sissi, imagina o susto que eu levei quando vi uma userpic nada a ver no lugar do meu icon da Buffy "Working hard". Loucura isso...

Eu imaginava que uma hora o T35 iria aprontar comigo. E eles deletaram todos os meus sites, nem o da Renatinha escapou. Estou analisando ainda se vale a pena me empenhar pra hospedar de novo em algum outro lugar, haja visto que fazia mó tempão que eu não atualizava os sites.



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