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([personal profile] amavel_bel Mar. 31st, 2009 08:12 am)

I just read the sad news on my flist and I'm speechless. He was a great guy with a lovely heart. And ironically, his heart was the cause of his death *sighs*. He was so young, only 33.

Andy will be terribly missed. I just... I'm really shocked.

Rest in peace, Andy.


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The news took me by surprise even though I knew he was sick by the end of AtS. I'm kinda numb today.

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O.O WHAT? The first new I've with your post.
É mesmo triste esa noticia. Adorava como atuava ele e a sua personagem em Angel.
Very sad.

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Muito triste mesmo saber que Andy partiu. Pelo que li, parece que ele era uma pessoa divertida e querida. É uma grande perda para todos.

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I know, right? I'm so sad with this news. And I remember he was having some heath problems by the end of the show. :(

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Yeah, I heard of those health problems. But I didn't expect that he was going to die so young. That's a great loss.


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This is horrible news, it took awhile for this to sink in. I watched NFA just a little while ago and it's just so--I have no words to describe it.

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I'm very sad.

And ironically, my English teacher was talking about Future Tense on Monday night class and started singing "I will survive". I thought about Lorne immediately.

And then, the next morning, I read about Andy passing away. My heart ached :-(.


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