• I know I'm late, but I hope everyone had a great Easter.

  • Finally I made an upgrade on my computer!!! It's super fast now and the graphics are so pretty with the new video card \o/.

  • I went to Morretes last Saturday with hubby, sister, niece and my parents. Lots of nature, great views and some delicious food (called barreado, a typical dish from my state) in a historical small city. This time we traveled there by car, but I did this trip once by train. Very relaxing.

  • I feel pain in my right hand lately, especially in my fingers. To the point I have to use my left hand to handle the mouse. Hubby thinks I probably have tendinites by repetitive motions while using computers. Here we usually call it DORT or LER. Well, I'm taking some anti-inflammatory medications and trying not to misuse my right hand, but it's not easy. I take a lot of time just to type a few words *sighs*.

  • I have to catch up with my TV shows and I have to watch Piccolo Dragonball. Is it the movie good? Is James good in it?

*hugs you all*
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