My hubby and I watched the last three SPN episodes of the season yesterday night. In a row. Wow.

Ohhhh, Sam, you were wrong in the end, after all. You were used, right and proper, by Lilith, Ruby, those f* angels... If you weren't so stubborn and listen to Dean, maybe things wouldn't end like that, tsc, tsc. Now you know you can't trust in any demon *forks Ruby*.

I have to say I've been suspicious of Ruby lately, so it wasn't a big chock seeing her betraying Sam. I hope not to see her again...

What the hell is going on with those angels? At least Castiel helped Dean in the end (awwwwwww). I'm not sure if he will be back, but I would like to see him again.

And the episode had to end with a cliffhanger *sighs*. I need to see what happens!!! *cries*

Now we have to watch Lost season finale. Probably tonight or tomorrow night ^^.

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Well I think Castiel will be back next season.

It was a great ending, which did make up for the fillers we had mid season.

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Good to know ;-).

Yeah, I agree, it was a great season finale. But the cliffhanger is killing me!!! Oh my, I'm worried if Lucifer is going to take Sam or Dean as a vessel or something...
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Yes, they had a strong ending there this season. Overall they did quite well with it and S5 should be pretty interesting given what's been left open.

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I'm anxious to see what they will do with Season 5. Dean and Sam had a very big problem in their hands *shivers*.



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