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( Sep. 2nd, 2006 02:47 pm)
I won a runner-up award over at the [ profile] forbiddenawards for my layout Spike/Angel - There is a hole in the world!!! Thank you thank you, I didn't expect!!!

Look at the pretty banner and the judge's comment... )

Congratulations to all winners for your wonderfull fics and fanart. You so deserved to have your work recognized.

To see a list with all the winners, CLICK HERE.
Yesterday night I went to see Superman - The Return with my bf [ profile] nighttechno. It was a nice movie, but my bf still likes Spiderman better, cos he thinks Spiderman is more human and interesting. He even said that he was more anxious to see the Spiderman 3 trailer than to watch the movie. But we lost the trailer cos we spent too much time in the line waiting to buy popcorns. He was inconsolable *pets him*. But I bought a Superman mug to him, hihihihi (with the popcorn combo).

At least we saw Pirates of Caribbean 2 trailer, yay!!! I'm dying to see that movie!!! It's so slashy *evil grin*.

Well, in the other news, I got nominated once more!!! Thanks a lot!!! This time for [ profile] forbiddenawards. The curious thing is that I got nominated again for the layout Spike/Angel - There is a hole in the world. Guess people really liked that layout *is proud*.
It's unbelievable!!! I got nominated for best fanart in the Angel Without Wings Awards with my layout Spike/Angel - There is a Hole in the World!!! I don't know who nominated me, but thank you thank you for this so pleasant surprise!!!

Angel Without Wings Awards is open for voting until July 31st and you can vote HERE!!!
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( Mar. 23rd, 2006 10:52 pm)
Gahhhhhhhhh, vote for James Marsters for the Spacey Awards. He's been nominated for Smallville. I mean RIGHT NOW!!!

Click here to go to the voting page

What? You're still here? Come on, let's give some support to James!!!

*pokes you*

PS: I know maybe I should vote for Serenity for best movie, but but but, I am a Star Wars fanatic!!! And I didn't watch Serenity (it didn't come to Brasil). So, yeah, I went for Star Wars ;-).
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( Mar. 12th, 2006 11:08 pm)
Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I won an icon making award from [ profile] mentalme85!!! I had no idea I had been nominated and winning the award was surely a big surprise.

Take a look at the banner I won!!! )

I am soooooooooooo happy!!! Thanks a lot!!! It means a lot to me!!!

*does the dance of joy*


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