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( May. 5th, 2008 03:51 pm)
>> Movies we (me, my hubby and my sister) watched this weekend:
   - Take the Lead/Vem Dançar (The one with Antonio Banderas. Loved the tango part)
   - The Notebook/Diário de uma Paixão (me and my sys cried like babies. Even my hubby cried)
   - 1408 (a very creepy movie in an evil hotel room)

>> I spent part of the Sunday scanning some more wedding pics. Well, not exactly about the wedding, but some of the pics we took at the photography studio 10 days before the wedding. The photographer took about 80 pics to make us to choose one to use as the poster at the wedding party hall. You can guess how hard it was to choose the ONE. But at least we had a lot of fun making faces and even wearing costumes to take the pics, lol. From those 80 pics, we chose 20 pics to put in a mini-album, which you can see by clicking in the link or pic below. By the way, the pic we chose to the poster is the 3rd one. In the poster we used a black-and-white version of it.

>> Still have to watch episodes of Lost, SPN and Bones. You know, busy weekend ;-).

Thanks to [ profile] sueworld2003, who posted the link at her LJ, I could see some pics of JM at Collectormania 2007 James attended last weekend.

Wanna see the pics? CLICK HERE. Also, there are some pics of Charisma Carpenter, Anthony Stewart Head, George Hertzberg (Adam) and Mark Lutz (Groo).

And I am freezing here!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Heeeeeee, updating my LJ to share some Christmas moments!!!

I had a very pleasant Christmas night at my aunt's home with my family (well, part of it, cos we have many relatives dispersed all over the country), gifts exchange and a delicious supper. And I took some pics. So, to make this entry more interesting and cos I'm feeling really lazy to write right now, I'm gonna show what happened instead of writing about it.

Pics galore!!! )

It was the most funny Christmas I had in years!!!


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