I wasn't around during the weekend (I went to the beach with my family). Besides, I had some technical problems with my Internet, so even late I have to say:

Happy Easter everybody!!!

I hope Easter bunny was very generous this year ;-). And I've gotten some virtual eggs from [livejournal.com profile] xenodike!!! Thanks, luv, they are adorable!!!

Like I said, I have no Internet at home since Thursday (something to do with the DSL modem losing the configuration). I tried to configure it again, but I had no success in the matter. Someone from Brasiltelecom will go at my home today and he will try to fix the problem *is hopeful*. Now I'm at work trying to catch up with my flist.

Oh, and last Thursday I watched Lost, episode Exposé (OMG OMG OMG). I will try to find some spare time to talk about it.

*resumes the flist surfing*
Still about TV shows:

- I'm kinda behind on Lost (didn't get the chance to watch the last two episodes), so no review yet. I will try to watch it tonight, before taking my bf to the bus station (he's going to spend Easter holiday in Cascavel, with his family).

- I started watching Bones season 2 on Fox. I'm not in the mood to write about the first two episodes, but it seems the season will be good. Well, let's watch to see if I'm right. The only thing I'm going to say: I didn't like Camille, the Booth and Brennan new boss. She is arrogant and annoying.

- One more week without Supernatural. How sad is that? *sobs*

- I read BtVS Season 8 comics, issue #1 and... )

- And I've been reading some spoilers related to BtVS Season 8 comics, issue #2... )

- And everybody here at my job won chocolate from a very cool co-worker (he does that every single year, as I was told)!!! I won't be able to resist the chocolate for too long *eyes chocolate over the desk*.
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( Apr. 16th, 2006 04:09 pm)


Lots and lots of chocolate flavored kisses to you!!!


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