• Here I am, working while my hubby is at home enjoying his extended holiday (it's Carnival around here). He will be back at work only on Thursday. At least I will have a day off tomorrow \o/. We're planning on making some barbecue to the lunch ^^.

• Oh, finally we caught up with Lost yesterday (we were 3 episodes behind). They managed to explain some things, but they also put a lot of more doubts in my head, like usually they do, hehe. I still have to catch up with SPN, Heroes and Bones.

• About comics, I read the AtS 17 issue. Oh, loved all the spangel bits... a lot *g*. Also read the BtVS 22 one. The writers made me sympathize with Kennedy. I didn't find her so annoying in the comics.

• Still can't make graphics because my computer has no monitor at the moment. Actually the monitor is on my hubby's computer. His monitor has been weird lately (changing colors to shades of pink and blinking).

• Regarding the Oscar... Yay for Kate Winslet!!! I so wanted her to win!!! And loved that Heath Ledger won as well. That was really heartbreaking.

Hope you all are okay ;-).

*hugs flist*
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( Jan. 27th, 2009 02:30 pm)
Kinda lazy lately, even to write here *is ashamed*. I will use some bullets *g*.

• Last week I made a small surgery, a cauterization in fact, to get rid of some wars (fingers and face). I'm recovering well. Last year it was worse (had big holes in my fingers for weeks). This time no holes at all.

• Going back to English classes next month. Me, hubby, sister and niece. It's gonna be amazing :)))))).

• All my personal web sites vanished from T35 (Pedra Sobre Pedra, Renata Sorrah, Roxette, my portal), even the one with all my layouts (well, kinda saw that coming). Don't know yet if I'm going to host them again (such a hard work). So, to find all my layouts, just search through my memories or take a look at the comm [livejournal.com profile] layouts_for_fun.

• Reccing a great fic I just started reading. Go check On The Right Path by [livejournal.com profile] sawsha12. It's really good ;-).

• Yesterday I watched Supernatural (episode Criss Angel Is A Douchebag) with hubby and tonight we will watch Lost and Bones. Kinda late, but we're trying to catch up ;-).

• I also have to catch up with AtS comics. Didn't read the last issue yet.

• Read that the brilliant director Kim Manners passed away. He worked in Supernatural and X-Files. May he rest in peace. His work will never be forgotten.

• Just noticed something really weird. I was going to use one of my userpics in this post and I saw that it was replaced by another one that it's not mine!!! Never saw THIS USERPIC before and it's in my userpics list!!! Is LJ messing around with us?
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( Sep. 18th, 2008 08:16 am)
I'm kinda quiet lately. But I'm here okay? I just don't have so many interesting things to talk about. So, what's up around here?

- Today is my sister's birthday (YAY!!!). We're planning to make a party at my home with cake and snacks. And she thinks we're just going to order some pizza, hehehehe. She usually doesn't read my LJ, so I guess it's still going to be a surprise *g*.

- I've just read the news on net where our President said he approves same-sex marriage. He said that there are same-sex couples living an extraordinary life together, that all people have the right to live their lives the way they wish, since they don't disturb other people's lives and that people must stop being hypocrite about this subject. I usually don't have much sympathy for our President, but this time I have to say he impressed me in a very good way with his good sense. If you understand Portuguese, you can find the whole article HERE.

- Finally watched Bones premiere. It wasn't an extraordinary episode, in my opinion, but I had some fun watching it. I'm still mad about what they did with Zack last season, so I guess the show lost some appeal to me. And Hodgins and Angela? Why did they do that? *sighs*

- God, I am so anxious to watch Supernatural. Why is taking so long? I know the premiere is today in USA, but I probably will able to watch it just on the weekend (I hope).

- I have some layouts to post, some to remade (with s2 style) and some ideas to put in new layouts, but every time I seat in front of my computer, I have an urge to play WoW. Yeah, I guess I'm addicted, definitely. Almost all my family, in fact. Yesterday night we were five playing at the same time (me, hubby, my sister, my niece and my brother-in-law). It's so much fun that's hard to resist, lol!!!

So... everything is alright with you?

- It's non-stop raining since yesterday night. It's so bad to go to work with all this raining. And apparently is going to last until Friday. Gah, this way we are all going to turn into frogs *sighs*.

- Watched Bones, Lost and Supernatural last weekend. It's so good to have TV shows to watch again!!! But I miss Heroes.

- I saw some X-Files 2 promo pics and... OMG, I am so excited!!! Can't wait to see the movie *is anxious*.

- My hubby was surfing when he found a very interesting online shop selling the most sorted gadgets. He found THIS PEN STAND there. Don't forget to watch the video demo, it's hilarious, lol!!!
• Loving my new life as a wife. Being married is so good ;-). About babies, maybe in 3 years.

• Earthquake here in Brazil? And it was a 5.2 one. That's new. It seems some regions of my town felt the tremors. My hubby and I felt nothing.

• Oh, about that priest who floated off under hundreds of helium party balloons? What a crazy idea. And he didn't even know how to use the GPS device he had with him. He is still missing.

• Watched Torchwood season finale. And I cried.

• Hubby is downloading Bones new episode, so I hope to watch it soon *g*.

• Can't wait for Supernatural!!!

• I have lots and lots of comments to answer. I've being really lazy lately, sorry.

• Tried to buy the JM's Like a Waterfall album on James Marsters Live web site, but it seems they work with Worldpay only. So, I can't use my International Credit Card? I'm confused.

• I miss making graphics. Maybe I should subscribe to [livejournal.com profile] spring_spangel. Or maybe not *ponders*.

• Have lots of work waiting for me. Bye ;-).
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( Feb. 6th, 2008 09:45 am)
Back to work after 4 days of holiday due to Carnival. I don't like the frisson of Carnival, so I spent almost all the holiday at home.

- I finally watched Torchwood - episode Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. James was wonderful and his interaction with the TW team was awesome, especially with Jack. I nearly combusted seeing those Jack/John scenes, hehe.

- Also watched the season premiere of Lost (gasp) and Supernatural (well, it seems Ruby isn't that bad after all). Oh, and I had to watch Smallville, episode Persona to see James performance ;-). James always makes everything more interesting.

- We had the visit of my fiance's mother during all the holiday. Everything went all right and she's back to her town.

- And my wedding is in 4 weeks and 2 days!!! We have practically everything set up, with just some few details to arrange yet. I am so nervous.


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